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Our product portfolio represents a valuable offer for your business, becoming fully functional for your business immediately. More detail below:

Applied Visual Complexity

Companies generate large amounts of information, which must be analyzed and interpreted by different actors in the organization; Datamarts and Datawarehouse systems dominate the data market management, but they do not evolve; they continue to present data in tabular form and when is needed go deep on the content (search), the hierarchy and guidance is lost and it is difficult to locate the source of the data analyzed.

We understand that information and its meaning is the most important asset of the company, our experience in data analysis led us to think and create a different solution to display large amounts of these in a single glance:
Advanced Visual Complexity

AVC is a new paradigm that is revolutionizing the way information is analyzed and presented, providing information up to 18,000,000 points of interest on a single page.

AVC allows visualization of the entire universe of data in a single glance, it is like to see data at 10 thousand meters away; using colors, sizes, shapes and advanced management algorithms and 3D graphics, AVC allow to the company view data, observe and identify behavior patterns.

AVC does not compete with existing developments but complements being the top layer, it allows management to make well-informed decisions.

Real-time display:

It is desgined for War Rooms, since the wars we face daily are financial, competition and market. The senior executive can now have the right tool that brings the visibility of information that will take the best scenario.

The vision of the main indicators in real time, are essential to drive a car, fly a plane, just as organizations need this view of the data to make decisions.


  • Our specialty is creating DISPLAY SYSTEMS of large amounts of information
  • We create specialized algorithms for handling BIG DATA graphic
  • Our developments allow you to connect in REAL-TIME data sources, creating living Dashboards
  • Our passion for ESTHETICS makes our viewers have a high impact to the viewer, making a War Room a Show
ERP - Tootle

An ERP system is a software tool that helps you organize the different functional areas of your company. This allows you to organize your procedures and provide you with critical information for timely decision-making and the achievement of your business goals.


An ERP system is no trivial software. It puts together all of your company areas, as well as the personnel. It becomes part of your company, becoming an active that improves it. An ERP system will always bring a revolution to the way your company works, not necessarily to change it, but to let you find out practices that you didn’t know were there, processes that can be improved, and procedures that you thought were performed differently.


The modules that involve an ERP are well defined, since they are common elements in all organizations:

  • Commerce
  • Stocks and Sales
  • Human Resources and Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Production
  • Accounts Payable and Banks

All of these modules must work together and synchronized so the organization achieves its financial goals.

The TootleERP Design allows it to couple amicably to your business’ procedures. The workflow in TootleERP is a natural flow, with no overloaded features that hamper its use and usability.

Operational Representation

Our Tootle operation flow is as follows:


Here at BSD Enterprise, we work with many enterprise management systems (ERP) that will allow you to take full control of your business processes from a single integrated system.


Our experience promotes the integration of our consultancy team as a distinctive factor in the market, which provides:

  • Tailored solutions for your company needs, based on the industry’s best practices
  • Business Control, Profitability and Efficiency
  • Integral Solutions
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Resourceful and certified structure updated to the latest versions to fulfill any requirement (commercial, support, and consulting)
  • Robust solutions portfolio tailored to the size and growth rate of your company
  • Traditional or hybrid implementations (Cloud-based)
  • On demand implementations (Pay-per-use)


The SAP products structure as defined in our service portfolio is as follows:

Operational Representation

We are able to provide our SAP services not only in Mexico, but also in different parts of the world where our customers make business.


Print Labels (manufacture of printing labels and ribbons), manufacturing and inventory control devices, identification, mobile computing, radio frequency, RFID, WMS “Warehouse Management Systems”, Scanning solutions, Voice Technology, and Specialized Software. BSD Enterprise Group, through our strategic business partner Etytec/GEM, expand our value offering to our customers.


  • One supplier of technology solutions for supply chain, from consulting to solution identification and control
  • Long-term business relationship
  • Pre-sale, sale & post-sale services (support and maintenance)
  • Preferred Business Partners of our clients
  • Success stories in each customer


Strategic Logistics Diagnosis, WMS Warehouse Management Systems selection and implementation, design and deployment of supply management controls solutions, Voice-Directed Warehousing (VoCollect), Transportation, Distribution and Sales en route, Mobile Sales solutions (POS), Mobile solutions for your ERP & CRM implementation.

  • Inventory
    • Systems and technologies that measure, control, and optimize storage management operations
  • Distribution
    • Systems and technologies that increase transportation cycle processes efficiency
  • Logistics Operating Model
    • Unique methodology for assessment in the entire logistics of your company and to design a specific roadmap of strategic initiatives aligned to meeting your strategic goals in cost reduction as well as in process and customer satisfaction improvement
  • Voice-Directed Warehousing
    • Consists on a warehouse stocking up labor, or on a Voice-Directed Distribution Center (Vocollect)
  • Bar Coding

    Hardware and Software for barcodes, labels, barcode printers and printing ribbons. Sale, rent and maintenance plans for equipment, supplies, customized software, solutions for personal identification (ID printers, fingertip scanners, etc.), technical support and maintenance available 24/7.

  • Printing
    • A printer for every need. Thermal Printers for Barcodes, RFID and personal IDs. Print ribbons available in all formulations
  • Identifying
    • Printed label for your product’s image and marketing production, white label for printing adjustable information, special solutions for all applications
  • Controlling
    • Capture data and track your inventory across the entire supply chain (inventory, manufacturing and distribution). Take full control and track your products using the latest mobile equipment solutions
  • Distributing
    • Sales force automation and optimization (pre-sales, sales en route, delivery route or supervision) with specialized software, mobile computing and portable printers
  • Mobile devices and Ribbons

    Mobile Terminals and Barcode printers

  • Floating head
    • Print Ribbons for Near-Edge Equipment
  • Mobile devices
    • Mobile Terminals: Solutions for any business mobile need (sales, maintenance, support, inventory, manufacturing, fixed assets, ticketing, etc.)
  • Printers
    • Thermal barcode printers
  • Color Ribbons
    • Wide range of colors in all kinds of formulations
  • Labels

    Design and manufacture of white and colored labels, films and adhesives.

  • Experience
    • Over 10 years specialized in manufacturing flexo graphic labels
  • Automatic and variable applicators
    • Development of solutions of automatic identification for variable data and barcodes
  • Special Services
    • Express Label Service ... We serve your urgent requirements for label manufacturing
    • We develop projects with the highest quality in labels requiring any application, material, adhesive and/or special design
  • Pre & Post Sales Service

    Technical support and specialized advice in barcode products; labels, printers and procedures.

  • Software Solution Development
    • Inventory, warehouse and slotting control
    • Fixed Assets control
    • Security access control
    • Production control, automation and RFID
    • Barcodes
    • En route sales
  • Authorized Service Center
    • Top worldwide brands certify our authorized service center for warranty and technical support
  • Maintenance and Technical Support Plans
    • Phone Support
    • Online Assessment
    • Diagnosis in every preventive maintenance service
    • Counseling and training in equipment usage and support
    • Replacement (spare) parts installation with preferential cost
    • Expedited delivery time options for urgent requests
  • Some of the brands are:


    QASpiral® is BSD Enterprise’ own-developed tool for Software Testing Management. It functions as a workflow for the formal execution of the validation and verification procedures of Software Systems.


    Following are some of the most important features of QASpiral®. These features distinguish our product as adaptable and effective for your business.

    • Definable
    • Repeatable
    • Measurable
    • Production Methodology
    • Verifiable Phases
    • Control Levels

    Our consultants use a combination of the following modules, based on the results of our QAST® Methodology.

    Software Testing:

    • Testing Projects Management
    • ASEEP Estimating
    • Test Planning
    • Test Design
    • Test Execution
    • IDRA
    • Defects Management
    • Dashboard


    • Testware
    • Risks
    • SLAs
    • Work Orders
    • Inspections
    • Ges-Doc
    • MS Project-Server Interfaces


    • Catalogs
    • User Management
    • User Customization

    Operational Representation
    Following there is a diagram that describes the bird’s-eye view of the operating model:


    QlikView is considered as a self-service BI system for business users with search, exploration and dynamic apps creation features to obtain the business answers you need.


    With on-memory technology, users can explore freely detailed data in an unlimited way, without the issues data cubes provide.

    QlikView provides the following solutions for your company’s integration:

    Operational Representation
    QlikView’s Operational platform is as follows:

    The CRM for Every Customer-Facing Employee

    • VALUE

    The Most Innovative, Flexible CRM Solution at an Affordable Price

    Best Individual User Experience

    • Modern and immersive User Experience
    • Consistent interface across all devices
    • Integrated collaboration tools to break down silos
    • Contextual intelligence from internal and external data sources within a single dashboard

    Most Flexible CRM Platform Meets the Needs of Every Individual User

    • Broadest range of deployment options on-premise or cloud
    • Easily integrates with 3rd party data sources
    • Most highly customizable platform based on open technologies
    • Seamlessly scales with the needs of your business

    Greatest Business Value for All Employees

    • Simple, predictable pricing with no hidden fees or forced upgrades
    • Industry’s most innovative, robust CRM at an affordable price
    • Fuses the simplicity, mobility and social aspects of a consumer app for all customer-facing employees


    BSD offers a wide range of SIM products from classic SIM to Embedded SIM to cover different market demands. BSD offers turnkey end-to-end secure solutions including OTA Server, S@T Server, Provision Management, Registration Management, SIM Management, Dealer Management to tailor different requirements. As the reliable business partner to Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators, BSD is committed to providing cost effective products and solutions, fast and safe deliveries and 24 x7 customer services.

    Value-Added Services

    • Multi-IMSI
      SIM card could associate with different subscriber account and with the function of one single card with two or more number.
    • Security Vault
      Enable user to save confidential information with a PIN or password protection.
    • SIM short-cut
      Enable user to acces STK menu by calling a specific number (e.g. calling 1234 will trigger STK menu).
    • Smart SMS
      Allow user to send SMS on schedule date, help user to store an event/day with a suggested SMS.
    • Secret SMS
      Allow user to send and receive an encrypted SMS to/from their contact.
    • Other Customized App
      We will tailor the solution based on customer requierements.

    2G SIM: Flexible Native or Java platform, Comply with GSM standard and 2G authentication (Comp 128 V1, V2, V3 & V4).

    3G USIM: Build on a highly efficient and secure Java platform. Comply with 3GPP, GSM, Global Platform, Java Standard. It offer Milenage algorithm for better security and support UICC multiple verification to allow multiple application to work on same card.

    4G LTE USIM: Offer advance feature of LTE speed, ISIM and LTE authentication, XH Lite USIM can work on 3G & 4G handset, 4G LTE authentication (AKA): 2/3G backward compatible.

    M2M: Make it possible for machine and/or device to communicate at the speed of data over wireless network, which come in various form factor (e.g. standard plug-in, VQFN).

    e-SIM: The embedded SIM (also called embedded UICC) is a new secure element ocmplaint with GSMA specifications and designed to remotely manage multiple network operator subscriptions. Available in various form factors, either plugged-in or soldered, the embedded SIM is easy to integrate in any type of device.

    Celltick: Version approved by Celltick, LiveScreen enables operators, marketers and advertisers to monetize their mobile users. The system intelligently targets the right services and products to be marketed to users based on their location, context and purchase history.

    S@T: Compliant with SIMAlliance version 4.0 browser. We offer an interoperable Dynamic STK solution allowing an easy service deployment and any type of network with S@T platform/gateway.

    SmartTrust WIB: Compliant with version 1.3 SmartTrust. It provides a Dynamic STK (DSTK) interpreter, Cell Broadcast and USSD for operator to address all subscriber segments.